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Movies and Cinema Listings in Ireland
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Ireland's Cinema Guide is right here

Find showtimes for all films currently showing throughout Ireland.

We provides session times for all cinema locations along with the most up to date movie information. Also includes synopses, trailers, reviews, and future films' release dates.

New releases now showing

The Raid 2
The Raid 2   (18)  
Action/Adventure staring Iko Uwais and Tio Pakusadewo

Magic Magic
Magic Magic   (15)
Horror staring Juno Temple and Emily Browning

The Love Punch
The Love Punch   (12A)
Comedy staring Emma Thompson and Pierce Brosnan

The Sea
The Sea   (12A)
Drama staring Ciarán Hinds and Charlotte Rampling

We are the Best! (Vi ar bast!)
We are the Best! (Vi ar bast!)   (15)
Drama staring Mira Bark Hammar and Mira Grosin

Coming soon

Kill Your Darlings Kill Your Darlings (15)

In Cinemas 21 Apr

Super Duper Alice Cooper Super Duper Alice Cooper (15)

In Cinemas 22 Apr

The Other Woman The Other Woman (12A)

In Cinemas 23 Apr

Transcendence: The IMAX Experience Transcendence: The IMAX Experience ()

In Cinemas 25 Apr

Transcendence Transcendence (12A)

In Cinemas 25 Apr

Cupcakes Cupcakes (12A)

In Cinemas 25 Apr