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Things to do in Longford

Things to do in Longford, fun activities and places to see in Longford. See below a selection of our recommended things to do in Longford, Ireland. Click on the venue below for more information on places in Longford.


Ballilnamuck, Co Longford
Tubberpatrick The old cemetery at Tubberpatrick, contains memorials to General Blake and Irish Officer in the French Army, who was executed by the British after the battle of Ballinamuck and later buried there. Gunner Magee is also commemorated who, with his two cousins, fired one of the Humberts guns loading it with broken pots and pans when the ammunition ran out. Towards the end of the battle a wheel of the gun broke and Magees cousins supported the axle wi - Tubberpatrick

Bogoak Sculptures

Barley Harbour, Newtowncashel, Co. Longford
Bogoak Sculptures Bogwood is found in Irish Bogs where it has been preserved for 5,000 years. This wood was part of the great forest that covered the central plains of Ireland. Michael and Kevin Casey are artists who create beautiful sculptures from this wood. Their workshop and studio is beside Lough Ree on the River Shannon. Here the story of bogwood is told through video, photographs, charts and finally the finished pieces of sculpture. Please contact Michael - Bogoak Sculptures

Ardagh Heritage Centre

Ardagh, Longford Town, Co. Longforg
Ardagh Heritage Centre %> Ardagh Heritage Centre is located in an old 1898 schoolhouse. The story of Ardagh is one of history, literature and storytelling and the exhibition in the centre draws on the rich fabric of Ardagh life down through the ages, including its association with Sir Walter Scott, Oliver Goldsmith and Maria Edgeworth. Opening Times & Admission Prices All Year Round - Free Admission - Ardagh Heritage Centre

Odeon Cinema

Bridge Street, Longford, Co. Longford
Odeon Cinema Please call us to for full listings or information on the latest new screenings. - Odeon Cinema

Omniplex Cinema, Longford

Omniplex Cinema, Longford %> 4 Screen Cinema. Please call us to for full listings or simply log onto our web site below for information on the latest new screenings, Movie Trailers etc. - Omniplex Cinema, Longford
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