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We are truely dedicated to making your experience as simple and fun as possible!

We are an independent Irish owned and operated company, now 15 years in business, providing busy parents and teachers with ideas on where to "have fun" in Ireland.

Bringing you a modern, comfortable, and connected fun experience is one of our highest priorities and that's why we continuously improve your experience when you visit our website.

We understand how important it is to make the most of our time with our children.

We really appreciate and welcome any of suggstions you might have for us, so feel free drop us line anytime.

Our Core Values

Visitors to our website are the most important part of our business and we love to hear your feedback.

If you've had fun with your friends, family, school or club in Ireland, we want to hear about it. We invite you to review our featured venues using the review section.

We strive to exceed our members expectations. Our team work tirelessly to deliver people to your door.

With thousands of satisfied members over the 16 years in business, we have a proven track record of putting venues in front of thousands of visitors every week.

Our friendly team in Dublin are here to support your needs and assist with any queries you have.

Contact our team at [email protected] for assistance.

Know More About Us

Our members are in every county in Ireland and include both large and small businesses, ranging from companies with one location to multi-location venues.

Our media partners include Google, TV3, Newstalk, The Irish Sun, The Herald plus many more. We continiously work with both online and offline media to maximise our exposure across Ireland.

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