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Bike Park Ireland

Experience the thrill of gravity-fed (downhill) mountain biking at Bike Park Ireland

Mountain bike trails for beginners to pros, nestled in picturesque North Tipperary.

It’s very similar to skiing, which is how it all started in the 1980’s. With skiing you use a ski-lift to the top, here we use Army Trucks!

The Army Trucks, each with 30 bus seats and a bike trailer, will transport you and your bike safely to the top of the trails and operates every 15-20mins.

From the top you choose which trail you want to cycle down and when you return to the pick-up-point at base, the Army Truck will take you back up to the top again, giving you lots of bike time. So our job is to get you to the top each time - your job is to have fun cycling down!

There’s even more in store for you here...we have a super Pump Track (Skills Track) to play on - kids will spend hours on this! 

A scenic 2km Enduro Climb trail if you don’t want to use the Army Truck, top quality bike hire and the lovely Mucky Boot Cafe - everything to make a fantastic day out for you, your friends and family.

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