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Childrens Baking Party

A Baking or Pizza Party is a wonderful way of celebrating your child’s birthday, or other special occasion, in the comfort of your own home.

It is a novel and engaging way of providing both the entertainment and the food for a party for that special little someone in your life!  

At Children’s Baking Parties we come to you with the ingredients and set up all the essentials for a delicious and memorable event, baking with the children for the duration of the party, then tidying up everything at the end!  

We do everything to ensure that the birthday guest of honour and their friends have a fun, entertaining and educational experience that they will remember!  

Children love to help in food preparation, baking and generally getting “stuck in” in the kitchen.  Indeed, it is wonderful to witness the camaraderie and happiness of a group of children involved in preparing food together.  

At Childrens Baking Parties we make the option of getting a group of children involved in the preparation of their own food a reality, with all the fun and enjoyment that ensues.

They delight in handling and rolling out their own pizza dough, spreading delicious pizza sauce, toppings and cheese on top by themselves, and seeing it transformed to a tantalising smelling, yummy tasting (and healthy!) treat after just 10 minutes or so in the oven.  

They also revel in the pleasure and satisfaction of making either cupcakes and / or cookies from scratch.  Then, aided by all the icing, sprinkles and sweets they could wish for, they get to unleash their inner artist by decorating their creations as they see fit.  

We provide the raw materials, the cake tins and the know-how - you provide the bakers and the talent!

Each Party Package includes:

  • The provision of all necessary utensils, cookwear & tins
  • Fresh Italian pizza dough, home made tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese for each guest to make their own personal pizza (for pizza option)
  • Fresh ingredients for each guest to make 4 large cupcakes (for cupcake option)
  • Delicious home made cookie dough for each guest to roll out and make approximately 12 cookies using various shaped cookie cutters (for cookie option)
  • Plenty of icings, sprinkles and sweets with which to decorate their Cookies and Cupcakes
  • Cloth Aprons for party guests to wear during the party
  • Baking Certificate for each guest
  • Cake box for each guest to carry home their delicious creations


Friday, Saturday, Sunday and during school holidays

Childrens Baking Party Prices

  • One Item Party (ie. “Pizza Party”, “Cupcake Party” or “Cookie Party” costs €180 for up to 15 children and €10 per child for each additonal child. (2 Hour Party)
  • Two Item Party (ie. “Pizza & Cupcakes” or “Pizza & Cookies” costs €230 for up to 15 children and €15 per child for each additional child. (2.5 Hour Party)
  • Three Item Party (ie. “Pizza, Cupcake & Cookie Party”) costs €300 for up to 15 children and €15 per child for each additional child. (3 Hour Party)             


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