Can-Do Robots

Can-Do Robots

This is one that we came across and we LOVE it! The beauty about this is that the whole family can put their own touch and make personalised robots by using bits and pieces from around the house!


Tin can
Electrical tape (optional)
Coloured Paper
Fuzzy Sticks
Wiggley Eyes
PVA Craft Glue
Any felt pieces for body decoration
Hardware and various recyclables such as bottle caps, keys, etc.
Strong magnets


Open a tin can with a safety can opener so there are no sharp edges
Empty, wash, and dry the can. Run electrical tape or other around the rim of the can, covering sharp edges
Cover cans with coloured paper or Card, securing with PVA Glue
Add facial features as chosen, securing with glue ( eyes, nose, mouth etc)
For the body, either use felt pieces or you can use magnets to add on household junk such as springs for hair, arms give a more Robotic feel.
Glue will set overnight leaving your robot ready for action next day.

Reference: Disney Family Fun - Crafts