One Cut of the Dead (Kamera wo tomeruna!)

One Cut of the Dead (Kamera wo tomeruna!) 15

A cast of relative unknowns, a brilliantly disguised low budget and an epic, 37-minute opening single take makes Shin'ichirô Ueda's feature debut a bright, breezy and laugh-out-loud hilarious zombie comedy. A film crew is shooting a zombie horror flick in an abandoned water filtration plant, allegedly used for human experiments by the military. Just as the director browbeats his actors and demands more special effects blood, a real zombie apocalypse erupts, much to his auteur delight. Packed with meta-movie references as mocking as they are loving, this relentless takedown of the Living Dead genre is a total blast.




Yuzuki Akiyama | Takuya Fujimura | Ayana Gôda | Takayuki Hamatsu | Manabu Hosoi


Shinichiro Ueda