Royal Shakespeare Company: Antony & Cleopatra

Omniplex - Lisburn Royal Shakespeare Company: Antony & Cleopatra

Showing in Omniplex - Lisburn Governors Road - Lisburn Leisure Park, Antrim


24 May 2017
7:00 pm


Call (0871) 720 0400


Iqbal Khan directs Shakespeare's tragedy of love and duty, picking up the story where Julius Caesar ends. Following Caesar's assassination, Mark Antony has reached the heights of power. Now he has neglected his empire for a life of decadent seduction with his mistress, Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt. Torn between love and duty, Antony's military brilliance deserts him, and his passion leads the lovers to their tragic end. Iqbal Khan returns to the RSC to direct, following his critically acclaimed productions of Othello (2015) and Much Ado About Nothing (2012).





Josette Simon | Antony Byrne | Andrew Woodall | Ben Allen | Will Bliss



Iqbal Khan





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