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National Maritime Museum

The National Maritime Museum is based in Dun Laoghaire's 180 yr old Mariner's Church. This was custom built as a place of worship for seafarers, and is one of the few still intact Worldwide today. There are even former prisoner docks in the gallery where the prisoners were kept during services.

The Museum is full of interesting exhibits put together by volunteers, with most of them being interactive for children to play with, such as our knot station, bells to pull, engines to start and fog horns to wind up. Not to mention the morse code station, the pirate for photos and colouring station for smaller children. We also have quizes for children who want to test their knowledge.

The National Maritime Museum is run by volunteers, the artefacts are protected from children's small hands, but highly visible. There are many exhibits that are interactive with interesting story boards.

The Museum also has a group of local guides, who add to the whole experience, as they are volunteers they all select different parts of the Maritime history that they are interested in, and therefore the stories...or sea shanties can vary..depending on the tour the guide chooses.

Many families come back time and time again because the children say it is their favourite Museum.

The Museum provides all round entertainment for the whole family, as the guides or story boards keep the adults entertained.

National Maritime Museum Opening Times

  • Monday to Sunday
  • 11am to 5pm


National Maritime Museum Admission Prices

  • Families €12
  • Adults €5
  • Children €3

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